Every can will count at Vantastival 2018


This year Vantastival is teaming up with Every Can Counts to make sure all those bags o’ cans end up in the recycling where they belong!

Watch out for Every Can Counts reps on site and swing by their area for games, competitions and give-aways to encourage everyone to recycle their cans.

Bring them one can and you can play the ‘CAN You Kick It’ football speed test game, or you can have some ‘Yes We Can’ face art.  Bring them a whole bag of cans, and get a prize.

It takes as little as 60 days for that can to be back on the shelf, set to be cracked open and enjoyed all over again.  So all the fun and games will ensure that each can gets recycled in time to be enjoyed at Vantastival 2019.


That’s closed loop recycling at its very best!


For more information on Every Can Counts follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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