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Indaver will sponsor a brand new feature at Vantastival –  Generation Hour in the Crow’s Nest. Throughout the weekend Generation Hour will present talks and workshops on a number of environmental and sustainability issues.

Saturday 1st June

Irish Marine Institute

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver Marine institute


Anna Clare McCarthy / 12pm

Discussion on Irish phytoplankton, it’s importance and how’s it being affected by climate change and extreme weather patterns.


Sustainability in Events

Nikita Coulter – Saol Glas / 12.30pmVantastival Generation Hour with Indaver KatyaKoliban TidyAsYouGo

Discussion on the impact that events are having on biodiversity and the environment, how festival can change from having a negative overall impact to a positive one, and be a platform for positive behavioural change in society.

The Green actions that Vantastival have implemented for this year (biodiversity survey, compost toilets, compostable packaging/Eco cups, leave-no-trace, conscious consumption), the future plans, and what the audience can do to reduce their impact.

Bear in Mind – Climate change, the environment, and their impact on mental health.

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver badge logo

Pauly Doyle / 1pm

Sustainability is the ability to support the environmental resources we use but also maintain a long term ecological balance with nature.

But how do we support our own internal resources and long term mental balance in a world that’s changing faster than any other time in human history?

Pauly Doyle is a climate ambassador who also recently started a social enterprise for mental health in the arts community called Bear in Mind. He will be covering topics on the links between climate change, the environment and it’s impact on our mental health and what we can do to manage our well being in these changing times.


Applying sustainability principles in your professional life

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver badge logo


Lisa Zimmermann / 1.30pm

Many people think that they don’t have any influence, that their small changes won’t have any effect. But they do, and we can do more than avoiding takeaway cups or recycle right. I believe that most people aren’t aware of their influence as professionals. Most professions are involved with the provision of goods or services, with education or communication. I want to encourage individuals to be advocates for sustainability in their professional life, not just personally.


Seal Rescue

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver seal2pm

Information about the organisation and what they do, the species of seals we have in Ireland, the main threats to seals, and how people can get involved and help.


Sustainable Waste Management

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver INDAVER sponsor 01

Talk by Indaver Ireland / 2.30pm

Indaver leads the field in sustainable waste management. It uses the best technologies available to minimise the impact on man and the environment and to recover as much materials and energy as possible.


Zero Waste Festival

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver zero waste festival


Ide Mhic Gabhann & Jan Knappe / 4pm

A discussion on how to make your festival experience zero waste.



Dirty Energy: the truth behind where our energy comes from and how we can take down the fossil fuel industry

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver Not Here Not Anywhere.jpg

 Talk by members of Not Here Not Anywhere, Aideen / 4.30pm

Not Here Not Anywhere is a grassroots campaign against the drilling for oil and gas off the Irish coasts and the development of any new fossil fuel infrastructure in Ireland.

Aideen will talk about Dirty energy – Not Here Not Anywhere expose the corruption and human rights abuses in the fossil fuel supply chain and explore how we can move to cleaner, more sustainable, community energy systems.


Saol Glas Mini BioBlitz

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On Saturday 1st June at Vantastival 2019, the biodiversity specialists from Saol Glas will host a mini BioBlitz in which teams will compete to find as many different plants and animals as they can in one hour, using a “Take only Photos, Leave only Footprints” principle, with guided plant identification walks afterwards. In this way the patrons of Vantastival will have an opportunity to learn to recognise the plants and animals around them during the course of the weekend. Find out more at the Indaver Stand in the main festival arena, from where the BioBlitz will be hosted!


Sunday 2nd June

Every Can Counts

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver ECC Collage

Roisin O’Brien / 1pm

From our on-site recycling centre Every Can Counts will speak about the importance and benefits of aluminium recycling. Recycling drinks cans is an easy way to do your bit for the planet. Each one can be recycled endlessly and remade back into another drinks can over and over again. And every time you recycle one can it saves raw materials, it saves energy and it cuts greenhouse gas emissions. 


Eco Bricks

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver seal rescue


Seal Rescue /  1.30pm

A discussion on plastic pollution, what we can do about plastic pollution in our daily lives, how to make an EcoBrick and the uses of EcoBricks.



Recycling end of life tyres

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver Repak sponsor logo 01

 Talk by Repak ELT- AnneMarie Shortt /  3pm

Repak ELT operate the tyre compliance scheme in Ireland. Their talk will outline the work they do with their members to ensure that tyres are managed in a sound environmental manner and the benefits the scheme brings to the tyre industry, environment and the local communities. Tyres are a resource when managed properly and can be recycled into innovative new products. Proper tyre care will be highlighted as another way to make a positive environmental impact.

How can we grow a Fair Food Future for Farmers and Citizens?

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver YFOE

Talk by Young Friends of the Earth / 3.30pm

Young Friends of the Earth are a volunteer activist group working to advance global climate justice by mobilising and inspiring people to join the movement in Ireland.

What’s on your plate ? Join Young Friends of the Earth to learn about growing your own food in small spaces, sustainable food production, how to find your local farmers market and the importance of biodiversity for our food system.

Extinction Rebellion

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver extinction rebellion


Extinction Rebellion / 4pm

A socio-political movement which uses nonviolent resistance to protest against climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.


Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Vantastival Generation Hour with Indaver mushrooms


Eoin Cambell /  5pm

Cloughjordan grower Eoin Cambell will demonstrate the process of inoculating logs with mushroom mycelium.

Climate Ambassadors

More info to come…


Indaver is delivering high quality, cost effective services in the municipal, industrial and specialist hazardous waste market across Ireland.  The company is an integrated service provider for industries with its tailored Total Waste Management model, a sustainable total solution for (large) industries. They also provide customised services to public authorities – the Public Waste PartnershipS.

Indaver’s Meath Waste-to-Energy facility has accepted approximately 1,223,000 tonnes of waste over the past six years, leading to the recovery of 25,600 tonnes of metals, the production of 777,000 MWh of energy and the provision of energy to over 180,000 homes.

With a staff of 42 and 42,000 operational hours completed, Indaver has welcomed in excess of 2600 visitors and has contributed €1,450,000 to the Local Community Fund.

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